Monday, August 11, 2014

Favourite Looks from the Teen Choice Awards 2014

The Teen Choice Awards are always a fun night where teens have the power to vote for their favourite actors, singers, athletes and more! Of course many of the nominees made appearances at the award ceremony and walked the blue carpet. Here are a couple of looks I loved from the night! 


The first look that caught my attention was Janel Parish in Contarian New York. I love the navy maxi skirt and the teal crop top adds a fun and casual feel to the outfit, which was perfect for the surfboard award show!


Nina Dobrev was another fashion standout for me, even managing to match the fun blue carpet! The Vampire Diaries star wore a Vionnete crop top and matching shorts. I loved the mix of colours in the outfit and especially loved the hot pink Kurt Geiger pumps! 


The next person I thought looked amazing was Demi Lovato. The actress/singer went for a clean cut look in an Elizabetta Franch dress. I loved how she used the gold accessories to pull the whole outfit together. 


Of course I also have to give a nod to Jonny Wujek (aka Katy Perry's stylist) for the bright, fun, and colourful floral print dress worn by Bella Thorne. If you don't already know, I am a huge Katy Perry fan, but I find Wujek's outfits can really be hit or miss... This dress is custom Candies Couture designed by Wujek and I think it is so fun and girly, perfect for the sixteen year old! 


My final pick of the night was the all black outfit worn by Selena Gomez. The Saint Laurent suit looked amazing on her and gave her a chic and sophisticated look. The sleek ponytail and metallic finish accessories provided the perfect finishing touches!

What were your favourite looks of the night?



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